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July 26, 2010

Article Archives: Edge

Summer 2010 The Edge from AirForce Airguns by Terry Bowers |   The first time you see the AirForce Edge sporter class air rifle it gets your attention. The sleek design, eye-catching colors, and precision, jump out at you. This pneumatic air rifle is produced in the USA with all of the things I’ve…

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Texan Carbine – CF Series

The Texan® Carbine CF series is a favorite for blind hunters going after deer, hogs, coyote, and larger game. The Carbine is the most compact, lightweight, powerful big bore on the market.

The Carbine was developed specifically for hunters looking for a big bore rifle for spot or stalk hunting in tight cover.

The shortened…



CondorSS Air Rifle .25

The CondorSS combines many of the features found on the Condor air rifle but integrates our Sound-Loc® suppression system to make this not just one of the most powerful small bore air rifles on the market, but also one of the quietest. Capable of up to 90 foot-pounds of muzzle energy in .25 caliber, this…


Condor Air Rifle .25

The Condor™ is for shooters who need a rifle that is not only more powerful than a spring-piston air gun but is also one of the most powerful small bore pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles on the market as it easily achieves  105ft. lbs. of energy in .25 caliber.

This high velocity pneumatic system is…


TalonBolt Carbine Airbolt Rifle

TalonBolt Air Bolt Rifle

The TalonBolt air bolt rifle fires an 18 inch, 400 grain bolt over 400 feet per second. It weighs only 5.3 pounds making it easily carried all day in the field. The rifle utilizes Airforce’s Ring-Loc® valve system to allow adjustable velocity. This enables hunters to reduce velocities to improve broadhead accuracy or allow for…



TexanLSS .457 Caliber

The Texan LSS gives shooters the best of both worlds by combining the power of a full-sized Texan and the sound suppression system of the Texan SS. The concept for the LSS comes from direct feedback received from hunters in the field who wanted the extra power…