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My Airforce Condor SS is too powerful

October 26, 2015

My Condor is too powerful.

Grand prizeI won an AirForce Condor SS in .22 caliber at the annual NC Airgun Show in Hickory back in October. The airgun is great with lots of power and very accurate. The only problem is that it is too powerful for my steel field targets. It was denting the paddles and bending up the rings. So I talked to AirForce to see if they had any suggestions. After the conversation we decided the best solution would be to switch to 18″ .177 barrel and use the Micro-Meter Tank.

The Micro-Meter Tank design restricts the air flower producing lower velocities. It was a perfect choice because I required a moderate power level to keep the Airforce Condor ss under the 20 fpe Field Target limit.

As a bonus, the Micro-Meter Tank gives increased shot count and great consistency. I get between 760-765 fps with 10.65 grain H&N Baracuda Field Target match pellets. That is about 13ft-lb of energy.


Along with the Micro Meter Tank, a butt plate, Spin-Loc wrench, and two Allen keys are included.

At Field Target matches I have no problem getting down the 40-55 yard targets. With my tank filled up to 2900 psi at the start of the 60-shot match, it was only on 2600 psi when I finished. I was able to shoot another 20-30 shots at home before refilling the tank which was at 2400 psi for a total of 80 to 90 shots before needing to fill the tank.

While a 24″ .177 caliber would have given me a higher velocity and a bit better accuracy, the 18″ .177 barrel was chosen to keep the decibel level lower making for a very backyard friendly air rifle.
So here is how easy it is to swap the tank and barrel. First you will want to make sure the Airforce Condor SS is unloaded and remove the air tank.
The Spin-Loc tank is very simple to replace. First remove the set screw from the Spin-loc ring using the supplied allen wrench. Next, remove the Spin-Loc ring using the special wrench also supplied.
The tank is now loose and just slides out. If you are replacing your barrel too, you will want to wait until after the barrel is replaced. If you are just replacing the tank, then just slide in the new one, replace the Spin-loc ring and set screw and you are all done.

The barrel kit includes a new end cap for the smaller .177 hole, 4 slightly longer set screws to hold the barrel in place and of course, the Lothar-Walther barrel.

Barrel, end cap and 4 screws are included in the kit.
First, if you have the shrouded Airforce Condor SS version, you will need to remove the shroud’s end cap. It is held in place by a set screw. Once the end cap is removed, a wave washer and three baffles will come out. Please note the direction of the curve in the save washer.


Remove the Condor SS’s Sound-Loc components.


Next remove the forearm, which is held on by one screw in the middle of it.


Remove the foregrip.

Now there are the two set screws on the left side and two more set screws and baffle retaining screw on the bottom to be removed. Please note that the longer set screws are on the bottom.

Remove baffle retaining screw and four set screws.

Open the breech and push the barrel out of the shroud. I used a small wooden dowel rod to push the barrel out. Now when you go to put the new barrel in, look closely at the blocks on the barrel. Line up the tapped thread holes with the left side and bottom and slide the barrel in again using the dowel rod.

Install the new barrel.
Make sure the holes are lined up and replace all screws remembering to put all the baffles in the shroud and you are done. It honestly took us more time to set up the pictures than it did for us to swap the barrel. AirForce also offers the replacement service if you would rather they do it.

Please remember if you are switching the just barrel from the higher caliber (.20, .22, .25) to .177 you will need to switch the tank as well to go to .177 caliber or use the Micro-Meter tank.

Installed barrel ready for use.

Does this new Airforce Condor SS set up work for Field Target?

I tied my best score ever on the hardest course the range master has ever set up. Therefore, I would say, “YES”. I am hoping to beat my best score in the next match. The great thing is if I need to go back to the other caliber for some knock down power it should only take me about 10-15 minutes.