Introducing the R.A.W. TM 1000 Field Target Pistol: Redefining Precision Shooting

February 13, 2024

Unmatched Precision, Unrivaled Performance

Fort Worth, Texas, Feb 13, 2024 – Rapid Air Worx, proudly announces the debut launch of its first pistol, the R.A.W. TM 1000 Field Target Pistol. Crafted with quality and reliability in mind, this pistol is poised to revolutionize competitive field target shooting, setting a new standard for accuracy, power, and performance in a U.S. made air pistol.

The R.A.W. TM 1000 epitomizes accuracy, ensuring shooters hit their target with consistent precision. Its proven regulator guarantees minimal shot-to-shot deviation. establishing it as a formidable contender in the world of field target shooting. Moreover, equipped with a user-friendly sidelever cocking system, the TM 1000 is easy to shoot allowing shooters to focus on aim and shot placement. Available with a 210cc or 480cc air cylinder, the TM 1000 is capable of shooting for extended periods between refills. The TM 1000 features an ergonomic grip and M-LOK® compatible chassis to mount additional shooting aids.

The TM 1000 features a fully adjustable precision trigger crisp and customizable trigger pull, providing full control over each shot.

John McCaslin, President of Rapid Air Worx, commented on the TM 1000 Field Target Pistol, stating, “The R.A.W. TM 1000 sets a new standard for pistol field target shooting. With its unmatched accuracy and reliability, it represents the pinnacle of innovation in the pistol field target shooting arena.”

Debuting at Shot Show 2024 booth #14227 in Las Vegas this year, the TM 1000 Field Target Pistol has caused quite a stir in the field target community. The pistol is now in full production at the R.A.W. facility and will ship to dealers by mid to late February.

Founded in Tennessee in 1996, Rapid Air Worx is now owned and managed by AirForce Airguns.

Whether a seasoned competitor or beginner, the TM 1000 Field Target Pistol promises to elevate shooting skills and dominate the field with confidence. Discover the future of precision shooting today!