Introducing the TalonBolt Carbine: The Ultimate Companion for Hunters and Sports Enthusiasts

February 20, 2024

(Fort Worth, Texas, Feb 20, 2024) – AirForce Airguns proudly unveils its latest innovation, the TalonBolt Carbine, a mini air rifle revolutionizing the hunting and sports industry. Designed for versatility and performance, the TalonBolt Carbine propels a 13-inch bolt weighing 350 grains at speeds exceeding 240 feet per second. Weighing a mere 4 pounds, this powerhouse is incredibly portable for extended field use.

Built with precision and adaptability in mind, the TalonBolt Carbine incorporates Airforce’s Ring-Loc® valve system, allowing hunters to adjust velocity according to their specific needs. Whether for improved broadhead accuracy or adapting it for bowfishing, this rifle offers unparalleled flexibility in the field. With a 2000 psi fill pressure, users can enjoy more fills before needing to refill their scuba supply tank, ensuring prolonged enjoyment during hunting trips.

The distinctive design of the TalonBolt Carbine’s bolts sets it apart from the competition. Featuring a compact 13-inch length, a robust carbon fiber weave, and dual shatter-resistant impact collars, these magnum bolts offer superior strength compared to similar airgun bolts on the market. Equipped with high-visibility glow-in-the-dark vanes and a HitMarker™ band, these bolts provide useful features to shooters, helping them achieve a more successful hunt.

John McCaslin, founder and president of AirForce, emphasizes the significance of this release, stating, “The TalonBolt Carbine is great for backyard target practice or small to medium game hunting. It’s small size, light weight, and compound bow equivalent speeds make it a great complement to standard archery equipment.”

The TalonBolt Carbine was featured at the AirForce booth (booth #14227) at SHOT show 2024 in Las Vegas. The TalonBolt Carbine is now in full production, with the first run of rifles shipping to dealers by mid to late February. AirForce will begin taking dealer and distributor orders for the TalonBolt Carbine through our website or by calling their office.

About AirForce Airguns:

Established in 1998, AirForce Airguns was the first company to mass-produce high-quality PCP air rifles in the United States. AirForce rifle features German-made Lothar Walther match grade barrels with other components being manufactured and assembled in their Ft. Worth, Texas-based manufacturing facility. AirForce Airguns, a founding member of the Airgun Sporting Association, continues to work to educate legislators and regulators about airguns on a local, state, and national level. In 2018 AirForce Airguns acquired Rapid Air Worx (RAW) and works toward improving performance while maintaining RAW’s exceptional reputation for accuracy.

Air is the future at AirForce Airguns.

For more information on AirForce Airguns, visit the website or write to AirForce Airguns, P.O. Box 2478, Fort Worth, Texas 76113