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Lothar Walther Barrel – Big Bore

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Lothar Walther Barrel – Big Bore – Available in 24″ and 34″ lengths and .257, .308, .357, .457 and .510 calibers.

Lothar Walther Barrel – Big Bore

Fully interchangeable among all AirForce Texan rifles

Big bore airgun barrels are used in air rifles designed for larger calibers, typically ranging from .30 caliber and above. These airguns serve various purposes, including:

  1. Hunting: Big bore airguns are powerful enough to take down larger game animals such as deer, wild boar, and other similar-sized animals. They provide hunters with a quieter, more efficient alternative to traditional firearms.
  2. Target Shooting: For enthusiasts and competitive shooters, big bore airgun ffer a unique challenge and the ability to practice precision shooting with larger calibers.
  3. Pest Control: These airguns are effective for controlling larger pests and nuisance animals that smaller caliber airguns might not be sufficient to handle.
  4. Recreational Shooting: Big bore airguns provide a thrilling shooting experience due to their power and the larger impact of the pellets or slugs used.

Overall, big bore airgun barrels are designed to deliver higher power and greater impact, making them suitable for activities that require more force and precision.


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