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Airforce Airguns TalonP – First Impressions Video

The TalonP sets a new standard in air pistol power levels. The Direct-Flo™ Valve delivers over 50ft. lbs. of energy with a .25 caliber hunting pellet. This pistol is for the serious hunter wanting a compact, yet powerful hunting tool.

World’s Most Powerful Air Rifle in Production! AirForce Texan

This video is for educational purposes and discussion of the most powerful air rifle only. Do not attempt to imitate anything contained herein.

AirForce Texan 308 Review

Thank you for tuning in to another incredible AirForce Texan video on the shooter1721 You

AirForce Condor SS – Integrally Suppressed Air Rifle

Originally aired on 9/6/16. Jon Patton is taking a closer look at the AirForce Condor SS, an integrally suppressed air rifle.

Airforce Texan SS

In this video we take a detailed look at the Airforce Airguns Texan SS. This air rifle is an integrally moderated version of the full size Texan we tested some time back.

Airforce Condor SS .25 Caliber Air Rifle

In this video we showcase the Airforce Condor SS. The Condor SS is an integrally suppressed air rifle available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber.