Musings on the Ton Jones Air Rifle Signature Escape

September 26, 2023

Sleek and Powerful. Elegance through minimalism. Just a few words to describe this air rifle designed with survival in mind. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t as the saying goes. In .25 caliber, at the maximum power setting, a hunter/survivalist is looking at 95+ foot pounds of energy when using heavy pellets. That’s more than adequate for taking small-to-medium sized game and extends your range for humanely taking that game compared to competitor’s products. Perfect for a survival situation where you need to preserve the firearm ammo you may have bugged out with. Also other than pellets, which are in plentiful supply at this point in time and easily stockpiled, all you need is a high-pressure pump to keep this beauty charged and ready to go.

The Escape Air Rifle

The Escape utilizes a smaller 213CC reservoir to make it a bit lighter for schlepping in the field all day in keeping with the survival theme. Of course, if you’re not dealing with a survival situation and you don’t feel that manually pumping to fill your Escape should be a part of your work-out regimen, by all means take advantage of the various hose and valve connector options also available from AirForce Airguns in order to fill from SCUBA or other HPA or nitrogen tanks.

We all know that we are not supposed to judge things based on labels. In this case, just because this air rifle is the Ton Jones Escape doesn’t mean it is single-purpose. This baby is meant to be shot, a lot. As with other AirForce airguns, the power on this air rifle can be dialed down so you can plink with it, although the .25 caliber would not readily be considered a backyard plinker for urban areas by any means. It is so light at 5.3 pounds, easy to load, accurate and a pleasure to shoot with the recently redesigned 2-stage trigger that it is easy to find yourself extending your range time once you pick it up.

The smaller reservoir means you may have to top off the pressure more often than other models, but isn’t the idea to become proficient with your guns? How you gonna get there without practice? Therefore, topping off the bottle a little more often is not a huge consideration in my book.

This model is the most powerful in the escape line up (consisting of 3 models) and has the longest barrel at 24 inches.

It is only available in .22 or .25 caliber because the original design parameters as a survival tool meant that this air rifle was purposed for putting meat in the pot. Along with that power and the speed you are sending pellets downrange, the laws of physics dictate you are going to have some noise. If shooting indoors, hearing protection would be advised. Of course, it goes without saying that eye protection is always a necessity.

AirForce Airguns has you covered if you prefer a quieter air rifle in the Escape SS. It incorporates the AirForce Sound-Loc technology, but note that the barrel is much shorter and there will be a trade off in pellet velocity and foot pounds of energy generated.

The lifetime warranty that comes with this all-American made piece of shootable art (with the exception of the Lothar-Walther recessed crown barrel) gives you some idea of the care and quality that goes into the manufacture of the AirForce line in general. Ton Jones signed on to allow his name to be associated with the Escape because he also knew of the quality that goes into anything AirForce Airguns touches. You can’t go wrong with a purchase from the AirForce lineup.

Matched with one of several Adjustable Objective scopes (to handle parallax) available from AirForce, you’ve got an unbeatable combination that will strike fear in the hearts of critters everywhere. Perfect in order to “Protect your nuts!”


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