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Hunting big hogs with the Airforce Texan

It was Feb. 2017 when my friend Dan Hurd of the Hoot n Holler ranch called me to come hunting big hogs that are running around his ranch. So I grabbed my .457 Airforce Texan and some BHD bullets and headed to the ranch.

55 yard headshot with a 308 airgun

I took my 308 cal Airforce Airgun to south Texas to do a little pig hunting. This video shows the accuracy of the Airforce 308 Airgun.

Suppressed .457 Airforce Airguns “Texan ss” takes a Mo. buck

This is the first outing with the Texan SS suppressed .457. after 5 days a buck hits the ground from the power of air.

AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle Deer Hunting – 2 Deer in First Air Gun Hunt!

The AirForce Texan is an amazing deer hunting rifle! So after a lot of target practice and taking the top spot in the Long Ranger Challenge with my 350 yard golf ball shot - it was time to buckle down and get serious for the air rifle deer hunting season.

TPWD airgun research deer hunt

Oct 2017, I drove down to south Texas to meet up with Alan Cain, whitetail deer hunt program leader for TPWD. We shot the Airforce Airguns that afternoon then headed out to the blind to shoot some management spikes.

Airgun Predator Hunting 101

In this video Eric and our good friend Rick Ward sit down to discuss our recent airgun predator hunting experiences in Georgia.

Hunting hogs with Airforce Airguns

Airforce Airguns and Black Sheep Outdorrs. Host Brian Beck for a weekend hunting hogs adventure.