TS1 Laser Sight: Seven good reasons to own a laser

September 26, 2023

AirForce LS-1 Laser Sight The AirForce LS-1 is designed to be mounted and sighted in by the user without tools. The knurled, coin-slotted adjustment and locking screws allow the user to adjust beam alignment without the tools required by other laser sighting systems.


There are several good reasons to have a laser sight on your AirForce rifle. Let’s look at them now.

1. A laser gives you the possibility of two aiming points on the same gun. Sometimes when you look through your scope, you may see a target at a distance that you know your rifle is not sighted for. For example, we recommend sighting at 20 to 30 yards because that’s where a lot of shooting takes place. With a laser, you could sight the red dot at 50 yards, where your scope would be off by several inches. You would be able to see the dot through the scope when you took the shot, so there’s your second aim point!

2. A laser gives you a fast sight for super-close targets. This tip comes from a pest elimination service that sometimes has to take close shots indoors. Most scopes aren’t much good on targets closer than about 30 feet.

Your laser can be sighted in for 10 or 15 feet to give you a good quick aim point that’s so close and so bright you don’t even have to bring the rifle to your shoulder. As long as the dot is on target, you can actually shoot from the hip and hit it. Imagine hunting rats or indoor birds with a tool like that!

3. A laser can be a kind of rangefinder. Imagine you are in the field and you want to know the distance to a can across a stream. You can’t actually cross the stream. Put the laser dot on the can and shoot. If the laser is sighted-in at 50 yards and your pellet strikes low, you know the can is farther than 50 yards. In time, you can become very skilled at estimating range this way.

4. A laser can be used to silently signal a hunting partner. Have a prearranged spot where you will shine the laser so your partner can see it. Never aim a laser at a person. Always select something like a tree or rock where your partner can see the signal. What a great way to signal the arrival of your quarry without spooking the animals!

5. A shooter with a laser properly sighted-in never has to worry about the optics failing on his scope. The laser will function independently and the dot can always be seen through the scope, even when the reticle is out of adjustment. Having a laser is like having open sights on your gun, except with open sights you still have to acquire the proper sight picture. All you have to do with the laser is shine the dot on what you want to hit.

6.Additionally, a laser sight can greatly enhance shooting accuracy, especially in low-light conditions or when visibility is poor. Traditional iron sights or even optical scopes can become challenging to use effectively in dim lighting. However, a laser sight emits a highly visible beam that allows for precise targeting regardless of lighting conditions. This is particularly advantageous for hunters who may encounter game during dawn, dusk, or in dense foliage where light is limited.

7.The presence of a laser sight on your AirForce rifle can serve as a valuable training aid, especially for novice shooters. By visually tracking the movement of the laser dot on the target, individuals can better understand and correct errors in their shooting technique, such as improper trigger control or inconsistent aiming. This real-time feedback can accelerate the learning curve and help shooters develop more confidence and proficiency with their firearm. As a result, investing in a laser sight not only enhances shooting performance but also contributes to a safer and more enjoyable shooting experience overall.

LS-1 Laser Sight by AirForce