What’s New for 2012

October 3, 2012

Our latest innovation in design is the addition of our Spin-Lock air tank attachment system. The new system allows customers to use the standard Quick-Detachable air tanks and our new Spin-Lock tanks with built-in pressure gauge and quick fill connection. AirForce Spin-Loc air tank attachment system
AirForce Spin-Loc air tank attachment system The Spin-Lock System provides customers with the ability to fill the new Spin-Lock tanks directly from a standard quick disconnect without removal of the air tank from the gun. The lack of need to remove the air tank for recharging has allowed us to also install a pressure gauge. Now shooters can monitor how much air pressure (PSI) is left in the air cylinder during a shooting session. All this has been done without increasing the original length of the rifle.
Our air tanks now incorporate a new butt plate attachment system that provides a more rigid attachment method and allows for increased length of pull adjustments.

When you purchase one of our air guns, don’t think of this as one rifle or pistol, think of it as a changeable platform to meet a variety of shooting needs. With adjustable power levels, multiple barrel lengths, multiple calibers, different valve configurations and now the introduction of the Spin-Lock System and our new butt plate system, shooters can hunt small game, enjoy target practice in the backyard, and even shoot indoors.


AirForce Spin-Loc air tank attachment system